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Terms & Conditions

Welcome to

Owner of the Website: Immobili-Phuket

Company: EPS Global Co,. LTD.

Address: 58 M.5 Kamala, Kathu, 83150 Phuket

Country: Thailand

The following Terms & Conditions apply to users who browse or utilize our aforementioned websites.

Should there be any inconsistencies between these Terms and any local translations we may provide, the English version will take precedence.

By accessing our websites or utilizing our services, you affirm that you have read, comprehended, and consented to all of these stipulations.


1.1  Nature of Service

Immobili-Phuket neither directly provides or owns any real estate property, and there is no affiliation whatsoever between us and the Advertisers. Consequently, Immobili-Phuket bears no responsibility or obligation towards third parties concerning any form of real estate agreement (including, but not limited to, rental or sale), any dispute related to the legal or physical condition of advertised properties, payments, or the absence of Advertiser’s authorization to rent or sell. Should any issue occur, the User acknowledges that Immobili-Phuket has no duty to intervene or mediate in the matter.

All data (which may encompass pictures, maps, current or future projects, among others) is supplied by the Advertiser, who shall be the sole accountable entity or individual. Under no circumstances will Immobili-Phuket be deemed an intermediary, agent, or participant in any agreement concerning published properties.

1.2  Supplementary Services (Alerts and Communications)

To failitate Users in accessing their searches, they can subscribe to our alert service by filling the Form of “Contact us” with the notice Alert & describe all preferences for the Search.

As part of the service rendered, Immobili-Phuket will streamline the communications conducted through our portals between Advertisers and Users interested in a property. Advertisers may send information to Users about properties akin to those previously inquired about, but the User can reject such service at any moment.

Furthermore, Immobili-Phuket may reach out to you via telephone instant messaging through various channels. We may do this to confirm the accuracy of the provided phone number. The channels used to contact you will differ based on your location, but they may include, among others: WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Messenger… etc. Our objective with this is to relay verified data to Advertisers to guarantee the highest quality service. However, you can stop the messaging service at any time by contacting us by the Form of “Contact us” with the notice remove Alert.

1.3  Advertisement Content

Immobili-Phuket has absolutely no control over the Advertiser’s advertisements and is not accountable for its content. If you desire to report any unauthorized content, you can reach us here:

At Immobili-Phuket, we aspire for Users to have the most satisfactory experience. That’s why we encourage you to review our Security Awareness & Tips prior to engaging in any transaction to avert any form of fraud. You can find the Security Awareness & Tips below in Point 8.

1.4  Account Activation and Usage

Advertisers who post ads could be individuals or professionals. Some of the services provided may incur charges. If this is the case, you will be appropriately informed of any applicable fees.

Advertisers will establish an account and identify themselves as an individual, a real estate developer, or a real estate agent. Advertisements can only be posted once the account is activated.

Advertisers will ensure that login accounts are kept private and not transferred, and will bear any liability resulting from its disclosure. Advertisers will immediately inform Immobili-Phuket of any unauthorized use of their account.

The Advertiser assures that they will provide accurate and updated information and will be the sole party liable for any inaccuracies or false representations made that may cause damage to Immobili-Phuket or third parties. Immobili-Phuket may occasionally request Advertisers to provide documents to verify any information given.

Once Advertisers have posted advertisements, Immobili-Phuket is duly authorized to publish, list, or link them within any of their Immobili-Phuket Websites or its Partners.

1.5  Links to Third-Party Websites

Our websites may include links (including, but not limited to, links and banners) to third-party websites, which are not affiliated with Immobili-Phuket. These links are provided solely for reference purposes and Immobili-Phuket has no control over them, any connection to such sites, or their content. The inclusion of such links should not be interpreted as an endorsement, validation, or recommendation from Immobili-Phuket.

1.6  Blogs, Posts, and Other Information Tools

Users understand that any information contained in our blogs or Advice section should not be considered as any guarantee or representation from Immobili-Phuket.

Immobili-Phuket is not accountable for any comments posted by Advertisers, Users, or third parties in forums or on some of our websites.

On some of our websites, Immobili-Phuket may provide advice or information tools (for example, regarding types of mortgages, costs, and range of available real estate properties according to your salary, among others), either directly or indirectly. The User understands that Immobili-Phuket does not guarantee the accuracy of any resulting information as it is merely provided for reference purposes.


As a User, you understand that Immobili-Phuket owns the Immobili-Phuket sites ( and any design, structure, distribution, logos, graphic elements, source codes, or any other intellectual property rights contained therein.

Unless expressly authorized by us, you are not permitted to compile, modify, reproduce, license, reverse engineer, or exploit in any way all or any part of our intellectual property or our websites’ content.

All content within advertisements is provided by Advertisers, who are responsible for obtaining all necessary authorizations or licenses for any material concerning third parties’ Intellectual property rights. Therefore, Advertisers are the sole responsible parties regarding any content in advertisements. Immobili-Phuket reserves the right, without prior notice, to review, modify, or remove any advertisement which we deem to be inappropriate, improper, or against current regulations.

The User also understands that Immobili-Phuket is not liable for any violation of intellectual property rights concerning contents published by third parties.


As an Advertiser on our website, you consent to:

If you are operating as an individual, you are not underage. If you are functioning as a professional, you possess the legal capacity to act on your or a third party’s behalf. To supply accurate information during your account registration and refrain from disclosing your password and username. Not to disseminate inaccurate or illegal information. To remove advertisements promptly once they are no longer relevant. Not to infringe upon our or third parties’ intellectual property rights. Not to utilize the websites for illicit, prohibited, or unethical activities (among others, to distribute content that contradicts existing legislation, ethics, public order, or content with a defamatory, aggressive, offensive, racist, or xenophobic character, or that could be considered harmful in any way).

As a User/Advertiser, you also consent to:

Not to reproduce, compile, copy, extract, distribute, transmit, sell or resell, among other commercial transactions, any content included in our websites. Not to modify or tamper with any security device or system from our websites. Not to violate these Terms or any applicable regulation. In the event the Advertiser or User fails to fulfill any of the responsibilities outlined herein, Immobili-Phuket reserves the right to deny access to our services or terminate your account, without prejudice to any other legal action we might pursue.


Advertisers/Users and Immobili-Phuket agree to treat information to which they have access as confidential. This does not include information you directly publish or permit us to publish.

Immobili-Phuket has the right to report any illegal activity to any administrative or judicial authorities, without prior notification.


Immobili-Phuket reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions without prior notification, so we advise you to review them regularly. We also reserve the right, at any time, to modify or discontinue some of the services we provide.

Accessing or using our websites following any modification will be considered as your acceptance of any revised Terms.


Immobili-Phuket will strive to ensure that all websites function correctly. However, we cannot guarantee that our websites are error-free and accessible at all times without delay or interruption. Immobili-Phuket provides no explicit or implicit warranties regarding any of its services, its websites, or any information displayed therein. To the extent allowed by law, Immobili-Phuket (including affiliates, employees, or authorized personnel) will not be held accountable to the Advertiser, the User, or any third party for any direct or indirect damage, harm, loss of profit resulting from:

Interruption, reduction, or temporary malfunction of the websites. Content, services, or products offered by third parties or Advertisers. Any inaccuracies, incompleteness, or false data included in our listings or on third-party websites or published by Advertisers. Your breach of confidentiality or disclosure of passwords or usernames, if applicable. Force majeure, unforeseen events, failures, or errors in the communication lines, or for the defective service or failure of the Internet. This includes, among others, incorrect operations, defects, damage to software, alteration or loss of stored information regardless of its support, and power shortage affecting the services. Omissions, intentional or negligent acts from the User, the Advertiser, or any third party. Immobili-Phuket is not responsible for the content and/or information and/or data transmitted, neither originating the transmission, not modifying the data, neither selecting it nor the addressee, therefore, the Advertiser is the only person responsible for any unlawful use according to regulations and these Terms. The Advertiser’s and the User’s use of the websites that may violate applicable laws or infringe upon third parties’ rights. Damages, of any kind, that cannot be attributed solely, directly, and exclusively to Immobili-Phuket. Under no circumstances shall Immobili-Phuket compensate for indirect, consequential, punitive losses, or any loss of profit.


These terms and conditions, as well as any other interaction between the Advertiser, the user, our websites, and Immobili-Phuket, are subject to the laws applicable in the country of Thailand.

Any disputes or claims that may arise between Immobili-Phuket and the User, shall be resolved by the courts of the city in which each of our companies are based, according to the chart above, thereby expressly waiving any other applicable jurisdiction.

8.  Security Awareness & Tips

At Immobili-Phuket, we prioritize security and strive to share the highest quality ads. Here are some security tips that we hope will be beneficial to you before and after any transaction.

8.1  Beware of Suspicious Ads

Fraudulent ads often follow a similar pattern. We advise you to read these tips carefully before accepting any offer.

We suggest exercising extreme caution in situations where:

  • The prices offered are unusually low, whether for sale or rent. Your common sense is your best defense; be wary of offers that seem too good to be true.
  • The advertiser claims to be located outside the city or country and insists that the entire transaction be conducted via email or chat. They may claim that they can’t show you the property now but will send you the keys once payment is completed.
  • No additional images are available beyond those already published.
  • The advertiser seems overly eager to close the deal.
  • The advertiser avoids showing copies of updated documents.
  • The information provided is inconsistent, and no one answers the phone numbers listed in the ad.
  • The advertiser asks for advance payments, sometimes without signing any document or allowing you to visit the advertised property or car. We suggest asking to see the property you’re interested in buying or renting before making any payment.
  • The advertiser asks for payments through platforms like Western Union or Moneygram. Exercise caution if the advertiser proposes deals through one of these agencies and ensure the seller is reliable.
  • In the case of job offers, if the job is in another country and the advertiser asks for an upfront payment to handle or process certain documents.

8.2  What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed or Deceived

If you’ve fallen victim to a scam or deception, we offer the following advice to help you locate the person responsible:

  • Preserve all evidence of the incident (URLs, chat conversations, ad copy, proof of payment, any exchanged documents, etc.).
  • Report the incident to your local authorities as soon as possible and provide them with the aforementioned information. Depending on your country, the appropriate authority may vary (police, justice administration, etc.), and they may offer guidance for dealing with online fraud.
  • Report the deception to the platform where the ad was posted. Sometimes, it might be a third party, separate from Immobili-Phuket & Partners.


8.3  How to Report a Suspicious Ad to Immobili-Phuket & Partners

On some of our websites, you can directly report an ad using the “report” button located at the bottom of each ad on the results page.

In cases where this button is not available, you can Contact us by the E-mail with the notice Report Ad

Initially, we’ll ask you to identify the brand and country from which you accessed the service.

Please keep in mind that:

  • If you report an ad on one of our content aggregators, the ad has not been published on our website and we don’t have any additional information beyond what’s published. As such, we can only remove the ad from our web pages.
  • If the ad originates from a portal outside of Immobili-Phuket & Partners and we’re merely sharing the ad, you’ll need to visit the main portal to ensure the ad is completely removed.
  • The more information you provide us, the easier it will be for us to validate your suspicions and take appropriate action. If you simply tell us something is false without explaining why you’re suspicious, it becomes more difficult for us to verify.
  • Due to technical reasons, once we receive your email, respond to your request, and delete the ad, it may take up to 24 hours for it to disappear from our search engine.

If You’re Looking to Buy or Rent a Property

  • Ask questions to learn more about the listed property. Inquire about its condition and request additional photos to verify the information you already have.
  • Protect your personal data. Don’t share details like your home address or workplace without first verifying the recipient. Avoid providing extra information such as account or credit card numbers, and don’t share details of your personal finances like bank statements with strangers.
  • Make contact with the seller, not just the advertiser, and not solely through electronic means. Establish phone communication, and avoid negotiating only via mobile phone before meeting with the advertiser. It’s recommended to have a landline phone number.
  • Arrange meetings in public places. Choose locations with a lot of people, preferably during daylight hours.
  • Don’t attend meetings alone. Inform someone about where you’ll be and provide them with the details of the person you’re meeting.
  • Do your research. Check the prices and characteristics of the sector. Be skeptical of very cheap offers, especially if there’s pressure to close the deal quickly.
  • Know before you negotiate. It’s advisable to agree to see and inspect the property before making the purchase. Ensure the property meets your expectations before finalizing the transaction to avoid potential issues.
  • Don’t send or give money in advance as a guarantee without verifying the recipient’s information. There have been instances where sellers have disappeared after receiving payment.
  • Be cautious of salespeople who are unable to speak on the phone for any reason.

If You’re Selling or Renting a Property

  • Use images and provide detailed and accurate information about the property to give a preliminary idea of it.
  • Exercise caution with your contact information. Preferably, avoid publishing phone numbers that could reveal your workplace. If your home number is your contact number, be careful when sharing this information.
  • Respond to inquiries. Address all questions that potential buyers or renters may have, either by phone or email.
  • Be wary of buyers who are unable to speak on the phone for any reason.
  • Avoid transactions with non-local individuals. Do not accept offers from contacts who cannot meet you in person. Refrain from accepting checks from foreign banks and avoid using payment systems that cannot guarantee transactions with strangers.
  • Arrange meetings in public places. If you need to be at a specific location, try not to be alone. If you’re showing your property, schedule visits for a specific time and day. Inform your neighbors that you’ll be having visitors.
  • Be open to negotiation. A buyer might be willing to make a counteroffer.
  • Exercise caution with payments. Preferably, do not accept personal checks. Clarify all transaction details, payment conditions, and timelines from the start to avoid future issues.
  • Remove the listing from the portal once it has been sold or rented to stop receiving inquiries about the listing. Ensure the offer is withdrawn once the property is sold or rented.

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